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Nice Response to the Beer == Worse Science Paper

I’ve still not gotten around to reading the actual paper, but slashdot today mentioned some additional analysis of the paper correlating increase beer drinking with reduced scientific success (measured in terms of publications and citations). My i…

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What’s Brewing?

In answer to the title, beer, actually. At the beginning of this month I acquired by first beer brewing kit as a gift from my fiancĂ© Annie. We picked it up from the Wine & Hop Shop in Madison while we were visiting her sister. There are a number o…

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I am alive and well. Winter quarter has begun, but I should have a few things up regarding the following in the near future: Home brewing (as in beer) Hacking a miniPOV into a digital thermometer (w/ a DS1631) SensterAmp v2 (replacement digitally …

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