eLua v0.8 released


We are proud to annunce the release of eLua v0.8 (codename “FINALLY! It was about time for a new release” 🙂 ). eLua is an effort to expand the presence of the Lua programming language in the embedded world, especially on microcontroller-based platforms. It is meant to be a complete MCU development environment. It currently runs on a number of ARM variants (including Cortex-M3), AVR32 (and i386 as a proof of concept).

What follows is a list of new features in this release:
  • Added the RFS (Remote File System), a new file system which allows sharing a directory on the PC with the eLua board.
  • Added a serial multiplexer which allows using more virtual serial ports over a single physical UART connection.
  • Added Lua and C interrupt handlers support, see here for more details.
  • Added linenoise support (eLua and Lua shell command line history and navigation, more details here).
  • Added generic I2C support and docs
  • Added hardware flow control and runtime configurable buffers for UARTs.
  • Added support for new boards: mbedATEVK1101Mizar32EK-LM3S1968
  • Added SPI and SD/MMC support for EVK1100 and EVK1101 (AVR32)
  • Added I2C support for STR-E912 (STR912)
  • Added support for require() and autorun from SD/MMC
  • Added external memory support for STR912
  • Added long filename support for SD/MMC
  • Added RTC (real time clock) platform specific support for str9 (see the documentation of the str9.rtc module).
  • Added support for AsciiDoc in the documentation system
  • Tutorials and new projects added to the eLua Wiki
  • Demo files were moved out of the distro to http://wiki.eluaproject.net/Projects
  • Added a media page with eLua related media on the project site


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