Moved to Posterous

I believe the move over to Posterous from a WordPress install should be done now including handling some previous links that had gotten broken.  I got tired of finding that every time I logged in to make a post or do maintenance, there was yet another update to install.  On the upside, I no longer have to deal with that.  On the downside, Posterous doesn’t provide the ability to fully customize URLs or define redirects, some previous links were broken.  As such, I’ve moved the blog over to and now have lighttpd/mod_magnet (yay, Lua!) accepting requests to that should be redirected to appropriate pages on the blog hosted at Posterous.

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4 comments on “Moved to Posterous
  1. Edmund X White says:

    what do you think so far? i’m considering the switch as well. were you self hosted on wordpress?

  2. James Snyder says:

    So far, I’m pretty happy with it. As noted there were a few issues with mismatching url structure (maybe they’ve fixed that now?) that might cause issues with old permalinks from other sites, but other than that, much easier. I got tired of worrying about having all the latest WordPress updates installed since previously I was going with a self-hosted setup. Also on the "what if I ever decide to abandon this platform" side, they don’t explicitly provide an export function, but they have an API which a number of other blog hosting services support ( Their reasoning on this is that there’s no "standard" for such dumps, so they just document how to get information in/out of their system.

  3. James Snyder says:

    @Edmund Also, long time no see. How are things going?

  4. Edmund X White says:

    Those are all good points. I’m finding that for my purposes WordPress is a bit of a heavy program with more features than I actually need. If i was a pro-blogger it would be a different story. The API looks interesting. I may look into a way to backup the raw data on a regular basis just as a best practice.Things are going really well, hope they are for you too. Let catch up sometime in a chat.

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