eLua User Labs!

The Embedded Lua project has announced a new sub-site for community members to find and post content about projects they’re working on:”We’re proud to announce the launch of a new community site: eLua User Labs. This Wiki-based site provides a centralized area where users can share project code, documentation and media. This site also contains official code examples, tutorials, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and other goodies maintained by project members. Registered users are able to create new pages or make edits to many of the existing pages. We have prepared some initial content, and now welcome the rest of the eLua community to add, explore and refine.”We’re hoping that this will encourage users who have been working on projects independently to share information about them to help get new users excited, and also to provide a resource to everyone for finding re-usable code for different project types.

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2 comments on “eLua User Labs!
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  2. cheap singulair says:

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