eLua 0.6 Released!

It has been a bit of a quiet release so far, but I wanted to mention that eLua 0.6 has just recently been released.Here’s a rundown of the major changes in the release:

  • License changed to MIT
  • Web page and documentation completely redesigned
  • Documentation available offline
  • Added support for AVR32 CPUs
  • Added support for STM32 Cortex-M3 CPUs
  • Added ADC module with support for moving average filters
  • Added support for multiple toolchains
  • Added an ls (or dir) shell command
  • Added new examples: pong, tetrives, spaceship (games), logo (graphics), adcpoll, adcscope (ADC operations)
  • Added the LTR (Lua Tiny RAM) patch
  • ROM FS content can be specified per board now
  • API semantic revisions (old code might not be compatible)

One of the biggest things present in this release that I think makes the project much more accessible to new users is the establishment of good documentation. The project now has documentation for how ports work (including the platform API used to allow peripheral-specific modules to work on various platforms with fairly consistent behavior), how to use the various modules added to the base Lua distribution, and tutorials/how-tos showing methods for everything from getting release binaries onto a device through to how to get a toolchain up and going to do development on the project.There are still a number of components that are yet to be added (or are in SVN, but not in this release) that are necessary for a 1.0 release; however, this is a release that many more people can dig into without needing to read through source code in order to figure out how to use even basic functionality.Now if we only had a perfect device that we could standardize on and get a vendor to sell it pre-loaded with eLua 🙂

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