Should Fortran be taught to Undergraduates?

The following post has some very good thoughts about what languages to teach undergrads:Walking Randomly » Should Fortran be taught to Undergraduates?.Essentially he suggests starting with Python, NumPy & matplotlib which are both excellent and free.  He briefly mentions MATLAB in the post as well, but doesn’t say much about whether or not to use it.  I would suggest that people NOT use it, unless it specifically has some sort of built-in functionality that you need and can’t easily get elsewhere.  It’s a member of a class of tools that while quite easy to get started with and providing decent performance lock you into a closed toolchain which you either have to pay quite a bit of money for or lose the value of the tools you’ve built on top of it.  For basic numerical work, there’s not really much of an argument for needing to have MATLAB.  Python, NumPy & matplotlib are free, quite easy to work with, and expose you to the wonderful world of Python modules, where chances are someone has put together some quality groundwork for you to build upon for numerical work, networking, database, and a lot of other areas which are somewhat beyond the central expertise provided by tools like MATLAB.  Heck, you can even get support for it if you want to: Enthought.

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