LuaRPC Update Jun 6, 2009

LuaRPC has grown a few additional features again.  We are now able to handle calling functions that are registered on tables and not just in the global environment.  This is crucial to be able to use modules where where functions are registered at something like modulename.function or modulename.subtable.function.  I’ve also stripped out some now unneeded code that did some remote error handling since the functionality it was used for was just adding an extra static buffer.  We also are now set up to be able to register additional commands that can be issued to the remote side beyond function calls.  Initially this will be used to provide methods to serialize data on the remote server and return this data locally, other functionality may follow.I also struck up a conversation on the Lua List about how one might go about treating a remote lua universe as just another table (do function calls, get data, handle metamethods, etc..), and there appear to be a number of problems in the way of doing all of that simply.  I think that the added command extensions will be used to add some sane portions of this functionality, and more complicated-to-implement functionality will be tabled until solutions can be found that aren’t miserably hackish.  If you’re interested in reading the exchange, you can find it here.

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