Arduino + Python

Here’s a talk I did at the Chicago Python Users’ Group (ChiPy) back in February. It starts a little ways in, and there’s a section where the video hangs, but it’s mostly there:Special thanks to Carl for doing captures and posting the ChiPy talks on are also some notes that got sent out after the talk to the ChiPy list:Main Arduino Project Page: Playground (lots of hardware/software examples): to Get Kits and Hardware: (I’ve not bought anything from them personally, but they have some interesting Arduino compatible boards)Also if you’re interested in some of the code used during the talk, I’ve posted some of the demos I did at the end up on github:’ll probably need to install a few modules to make them work including wx, multiprocessing, matplotlib and numpy (in addition to pyduino from above).The mouse demo also uses a little Objective C program to move the mouse around, compile instructions for that are in the movemouse.m file.

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