MATLAB & Florida 2000 Voting

While much of the MATLAB documentation is pretty dry in terms of the data they select to demonstrate the use of functions, I found it interesting today when I noticed they had an example on excluding outliers that uses data pertaining to the 2000 presidential elections in Florida.  While it might not have much to do with the controversy over who won that election, it does bring back the old “butterfly ballot” issue, since surprise, surprise the only county that used those had the greatest residual (degree of distance from a fit that includes data for other counties). <a href=";…“>MATLAB Curve Fitting Toolbox – Excluding Data 

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One comment on “MATLAB & Florida 2000 Voting
  1. Will Dwinnell says:

    That is interesting, although the tiny number of variables involved doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.It’d be interesting to see a more sophisticated preidctive model constructed over all counties in Florida (or, perhaps, America) based on demographic variables, etc. to see what sort of residual the county in question yields.

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