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Kitchen Counter Invisible Fence

I must implement something like this for the cats, courtesy of the Curious Inventor Blog: Although, perhaps in conjunction with something like this, but functional, so I don’t have to listen to a car horn every time the cats do something stupid 🙂

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What’s Brewing?

In answer to the title, beer, actually. At the beginning of this month I acquired by first beer brewing kit as a gift from my fiancé Annie. We picked it up from the Wine & Hop Shop in Madison while we were visiting her sister. There are a number o…

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I am alive and well. Winter quarter has begun, but I should have a few things up regarding the following in the near future: Home brewing (as in beer) Hacking a miniPOV into a digital thermometer (w/ a DS1631) SensterAmp v2 (replacement digitally …

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