Quick Tip: Restoring a System Disk Over NFS w/ the OS X Boot DVD

I can’t guarantee this works with any other release than 10.4.x, but I’ve just discovered that it is possible to mount NFS volumes while only booted from the Mac OS X install DVD that came with my MacBook. I set up the export on my Ubuntu based desktop using the instructions here. I only needed to add insecure as an option in addition to rw and sync. This seems to be related to the ports that OS X wants to use, and if that seems unacceptable, turn off exporting with that option after completing this procedure next, all you need is the following.1. Start up Terminal.2. Type:

mkdir /Volumes/mountpointmount_nfs <ip of server>:/mount/point /Volumes/mountpoint

If all goes well, it shouldn’t throw any errors, and you’ll have the volume mounted.3. Quit Terminal, open Disk Utility.4a. If you don’t have paritions on the destination disk, make them.4b. Select destination paritions, go to the Restore tab, then give the path to the image file, i.e:


4c. Drag the target partition over to the destination and click Restore.

Simple, easy, and fast (if you’ve got gigabit, and the image on a raid šŸ™‚ )

 Of Note: AFP & Samba did not work for me as both of their mounting tools required frameworks not included in the filesystem on the boot DVD.  Why apple would include the tools but not required frameworks is a bit of a mystery…

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