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Quick Tip: Restoring a System Disk Over NFS w/ the OS X Boot DVD

I can’t guarantee this works with any other release than 10.4.x, but I’ve just discovered that it is possible to mount NFS volumes while only booted from the Mac OS X install DVD that came with my MacBook. I set up the export on my Ubuntu based de…

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Quick Tip: VisualHub & Matlab AVI Files

Quick tip if one is working with VisualHub to convert MATLAB AVI files (uncompressed) into another format. If you use the default decoder it will not get the rasterization correct and thus the movie looks skewed and wrapped at an angle. To resolve…

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Flash Alternative

Here’s a nice little article on a flash alternative. I found that gnash didn’t work so well for me, but using the mplayer plugin with YouTube works perfectly. Nice if you’ve got a 64-bit, non x86, or FreeBSD platform and don’t want to use emulatio…

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Yes, Most Journal Articles Are Written in Word

A recent article on Slashdot about some journals rejecting Word 2007 documents has brought up an interesting point. Most journal articles ARE written in Word. People seem to be shocked that this is the case, and appalled that anyone who has a PhD …

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On FreeBSD

Recently, I’ve been working about half of my time on FreeBSD 6.2 on a desktop at home. I’m finding that it is both simultaneously fabulous and difficult. What I mean here is less that it is driving me crazy, but rather that it’s been a learning ex…

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A Few Sour Notes

Looks as if the last note on the new iTunes update weren’t entirely complete as BoingBoing (via the EFF) have noted that Apple have now disabled the burn-and-re-rip method for stripping DRM from tracks. I’ve not yet investigated this myself, but i…

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