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iTunes Plus

So, as many may already know Apple has debuted an updated iTunes store that now sports DRM-free tracks. Some of you may also know that Apple embeds your name in the tracks as well. To the former point, I applaud apple for finally bringing this to …

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FreeBSD on a MacBook

A month or so ago I found a really great article on getting FreeBSD up and running on a MacBook. The article was written in French, and I was hoping to translate it into English, both for keeping up my own French, and to have the guide available i…

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Dell “Announces” Models Available With Linux

According to this post (courtesy of, Dell has initially selected 3 models of desktop PCs to be configurable with Linux. While some might complain that this is a small number to begin with, I think it’s simply a sign that they’re testing …

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I hereby declare this to be my number…

D5 2F 00 B7 B4 B7 C1 92 ED 7A E8 E0 15 F9 E2 C1 Generated courtesy of this page. If, by chance, you don’t follow check the background links on the linked page. This is kinda the crux of the whole thing.

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