Electrode Filling

Well, today puts things again in the realm of micropipette prep, and again things are not coming out precisely as expected.  I’ve found that even though I thought previously that backfilling was not taking place in the pipettes that were finely tipped, apparently it is.  The pipettes do not seal off on the end, even with a decent amount of elongation, it’s simply that filling them is difficult.  The backfill is not visible after letting the electrodes sit for a period of time (10-30 mins), but becomes quite apparent after attempting to fill and being treated with a nice bubble surrounded by fluid towards the tip, and towards the main portion of the pipette. When I have this figured out, I’m going to write a little guide, and perhaps post it on the Wiki I’m thinking of starting, so that at least the other google empowered folks who are attempting to do the same thing won’t have to go through the same steps I did over a number of days to get things working.That said, I’m more and more convinced that this is the sole problem being encountered.  Low impedence electrodes with fluid continuity do not have the awful noise issues experienced before, and perhaps as soon as this technique is down, recording will be no problem.

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