Solution To All Of Life’s Problems: Pliers

Another appropriate title for this post would be: Torx Screws Are EvilA second line for that other appropriate title would be: Especially if you don’t have a really tiny torx screwdriver.What do you do when you get a brand new MacBook, with user-replaceable hard disk only to find out that once said user-replaceable drive has been removed, it’s freaking impossible to get the drive sled off due to torx screws? Improvise!After attempting to remove the TamperResistantâ„¢ Torx screws for about 30 minutes using everything but the right size torx screwdriver, since I don’t have one, and since Apple’s replacement guide mentions nothing about needing one to replace the drive (here), I decided to take matters into another realm within the toolchest: pliers.And guess what, after about 5 minutes, I had the thing off and on the new drive with minor additional strippage (certainly less than what was done by the hex wrenches). This begs the question: if this is a user replaceable part, and Apple has gone out of its way to make it possible to replace it with ease, why use freaking torx screws? Honestly, how many of you have a Torx set including T8 T6 or whatever particular size these screws were? Those of you with Apple certification for repairing hardware can also put your hands down. Really, what were they thinking?!

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