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Who would have figured…

Police raid doubles Pirate Bay’s popularity (courtesy

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If you haven’t already checked out iDont, I recommend you do. It’s quite easy just to chalk it up as a stupid media trick to try and get “counterculture” individuals to buy an MP3 player different from Apple’s. There are so many levels on which …

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MATLAB Performance Comparisons

Just a little documenting of MATLAB Performance on the MacBook. Note that for each of these we’re taking the mean from a bench(10): Windows Native on P4 3 Ghz: 0.2623 0.3980 0.3055 0.5355 0.5748 0.4094 Rosetta on MacBook 2x2x2: 1.5726 0.5594 0.860…

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Solution To All Of Life’s Problems: Pliers

Another appropriate title for this post would be: Torx Screws Are Evil A second line for that other appropriate title would be: Especially if you don’t have a really tiny torx screwdriver. What do you do when you get a brand new MacBook, with user…

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MATLAB on a MacBook 13″

As of late I’ve been looking for an optimal solution for running MATLAB on my brand new MacBook. I’ve tried running things natively under Windows & Linux as well as in Parallels for both, and the concept of rebooting ad-nauseum or working in a ro…

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