Calt^H^H^H^H MIT Cannon

So, if you’ve been following either Slashdot or Digg or you go to Caltech or MIT, you may have become aware that some of the students at MIT managed to swipe a Spanish-American War era canon from Caltech’s campus and place it somewhere on the MIT campus along with a plaque.Quite an amazing hack to have managed for them, and definitely keeping in the spirit of MIT/Caltech rivalry, but what I thought was even more amusing was that this isn’t the first time this Cannon has been removed. Harvey Mudd did something similar back in 1986, and thus the following was emailed to one of the internal lists at that university:Subject: Caltech cannonDate: 28 March 06 19:56:34 PSTTo: [HMC internal mailing list]Howdy,Did anyone steal the Caltech cannon Monday night/Tuesdaymorning? They called and said it was stolen and were hoping it was here.Chris SundbergAssociate Dean of StudentsHarvey Mudd CollegeHard to say why, but there’s something really amusing about the Dean or someone at Caltech giving the Dean at HMC a ring and being like, “Hey, so, in other news our cannon seems to have wandered off again, and we remember that you guys had something to do with that last time. You aren’t like doing a 20 year anniversary or something are you?”Slashdot link: here

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