Official WinXP on Mac

Wow, snazzy. So apple has released an official solution to boot Windows XP on a Mac: here.I’m sure some out there will use this as further support of Dvorak’s comments about Apple going Windows, however, I’d like to point out a few things here.1. Why would Apple at first make their hardware incompatible with booting XP from the start, including using ATI boards that have no windows drivers (up until now)? I don’t buy an consipiracy theories here.2. The usual argument regarding Apple, people’s investments in the Mac OS and related technologies. Would Adobe, along with other companies seriously be working on developing a new Intel Mac release of their software with the expectation of that software becoming defunct within a year or so. All of that development is a HUGE effort. It makes no sense to screw over all your software partners after just getting them to do the largest hardware/software conversion in the past decade.

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